Major Events

we work out


01. Presentation of atlanfina's calendar

A great glamour party, that takes place on an election place in Luanda, with adjusted animation and tasting of the main brands, where the Atlanfina's annual calendar, and it's making-of, is presented.



One week long all-terrain ride, wich interconnects the main Angolan provinces, where the vehicles are decorated with a selection of the represented brands and of the main local commercial and institutional partners take part. Thhe main purpose of the Ride is the discovery of the natural and historical beauty, the fellowship with the local agents and the commercial and wine divulgation 


03. training program of wine sommeliers

Program meant to encourage the development of restaurants and hotels in Angola, that rewards and selects a group of trainees to visit and receive formation in exercise, in the major Producing Houses.


04. Enthronement of the knights of the "port wine brotherhood"

Invitation to the local partners, which better stand in the promotion and defense of this election wine, to visit Portugal for their enthronement (ceremony of great beauty and tradition), with the possibility of visiting the main houses of Douro and Porto Wine. 


05. Fashion's great event

Event of great impact in one of the most beautiful places in Luanda, associated to fashion, music and beauty (Miss Fashion Contest, Fashion Runaway, and assignment of awards) and disclosure of Premium spirituos brands.


06. great wine's fair and gala

Most outstanding event in the wine sector in Angola, which gives the opportunity, during two days, to professionals and guests, to know and taste a worldwide selection of premium wine products, Luxury and gourmet drinks, that culminates with a Great Gala Dinner for the mais Atlanfina's partners.